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Energy, Environment and Industry

The Energy, Environment and Industry team (EE&I) consists of specialized sector experts with long-term experience in their respective industries. The sector teams within EE&I were established corresponding to the market conditions in Denmark and Germany that can lead to mutual benefits and to a strengthening of cross-border collaboration.

The combined competences of the industries from both countries can facilitate to solve the challenges in regards to clean energy supply, sustainable district energy systems, improved environmental indicators of ground and waste water, waste management, urban solutions and energy efficient and sustainable manufacturing across industries.

Our vision is to ensure a green and sustainable future, by supporting a profound cooperation between markets and by introducing efficient, high-quality and forward-thinking Danish solutions that can help to create this future.

We offer a number of services to bring together stakeholders from Denmark and beyond. By connecting solutions to demand, we support business development activities for Danish companies. Our services include monitoring market development and regulations, keeping an eye on investment and partnering opportunities, creating business opportunities, facilitating technology transfer, financing, public affairs, networking with federal, state and local governments, and providing business development support, incubation and corporate establishments for Danish companies. 

In this context, we are working in very focused sector tracks, where:

  • synergy and system sales are keywords
  • our deliveries are characterized by an operational approach in which we are close to our customer´s customers
  • we move the sales process as far as possible, which we are able to do due to our sector focus and expertise

Based on the connection of German possibilities and Danish competencies (A, B and C segmentation), we work in the following sector teams:

  • Wind Energy Advisory
  • District Energy Advisory
  • Water Technology Advisory
  • Sustainable Industries Advisory
  • Danish Biogas Alliance 

Denmark has demonstrated by example how to achieve a thriving low-cost, energy efficient, low-carbon economy. We have the industry to prove it, the technology, equipment and services to make it happen and the public sector to facilitate the process. By executing a hands-on approach, we strive to add significant value to our partners and customers every day.