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District Energy and Biogas Advisory

The district energy industry is undergoing a fundamental change from being high-temperature and centralized, fossil-based energy plants towards low-temperature networks with distributed renewable or low carbon heating sources.

As a consequence, district energy solutions are touted for the ability to decarbonize the heating and cooling sector and by that deliver a key part of the transformation to a low carbon economy. 

Denmark has been a test-bed for innovative district energy projects for decades and today many of the solutions needed in Germany and abroad are based on proven services, systems and technologies. 

As part of the District Energy Advisory, the Dänische Fernwärme Allianz is a partnership between the Trade Council of Denmark, the Danish Energy Agency and the Danish district energy industry with the objective of creating a platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing between Denmark and Germany on innovation and decarbonization of district heating and cooling.

The Dänische Fernwärme Allianz partners with local communities, utilities, authorities and stakeholders to foster development of pilot and lighthouse projects that can serve as inspiration for and demonstration of what can be achieved with modern district energy solutions.