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Sustainable Industries Advisory

The industry is in a fundamental transition. Companies must remain competitive and at the same time rethink their energy consumption. Danish companies have been testing innovative energy efficiency projects for many years and are leading the way, when it comes to energy technology within the food and beverage industries. Danish energy efficiency solutions can help German industry companies save energy and increase profits, which is the objective of our Sustainable Industries Advisory – SIA.

SIA is a partnership platform between the Danish Trade Council, Danish Energy Agency, Danish Universities and parts of the Danish industry. The SIA platform facilitates collaboration and knowledge sharing between Denmark and Germany on energy efficiency in the industry sector and focuses on creating an ongoing project pipeline for participating companies.

Read more about how the SIA Food platform can help improve energy efficiency in your company.

Market possibilities in the green transition of Germany

Energy efficiency is increasingly getting attention in Germany – politically and in public. It is central in the German 2030 vision (NAPE 2.0) as it is possible to reach the target for emission reductions in the industry sector just by making the energy consumption more effective. Consumer pressure is increasing on food producers to become more sustainable.

The German plan for green transition in 2050 builds on three elements: sustainable energy, energy efficiency, and cross-sector interconnection, which makes energy efficiency of high priority for the German government.

The Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy has suggested a gradual removal of price reduction in relation to the energy consumption in companies - as an improvement from the EEG-Umlage 2017 - to prevent companies from being deliberately sloppy with energy consumption. The incentives that promote energy efficiency solutions are increasing in numbers and significance.

If you would like to know more about the possibilities on energy efficiency in Germany, please reach out to our SIA team.