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Wind Energy Advisory

Germany is the European leader in wind power electricity and is one of the world’s largest markets in terms of cumulative installed capacity. About 30.000 wind turbines onshore and offshore exhibit a great demand for state-of-the-art services, solutions and innovative products. 

This offers a vast potential for the many companies that for several decades have shaped the development of Denmark as one of the world pioneers within wind energy. Long established as well as young innovative Danish companies are acknowledged globally for their knowledge and expertise within the wind industry.

The Wind Energy Advisory (WEA) in Germany supports Danish companies to enter the German wind market and to build bridges to German partners. We act based on many years of experience and a broad, strong network within the industry. With our team of specialised advisors, we support you in the dynamic and complex environment of one of the leading wind energy markets in the world. Meet the team here.

WEA follows an Explore-Execute-Establish approach when assisting Danish companies. In close cooperation with the companies, WEA explores market entry and business development projects, strategic planning and partnership/alliance opportunities, among others. Along with these steps, WEA customizes business plans, creates market road mapping, and offers incubator options.

The Wind Energy Advisory (WEA) in Germany is part of the specialized Global Wind Energy Advisory Group that assists Danish on- and offshore wind companies and manufacturers on a global level. Together with dedicated colleagues across Europe, WEA Germany offers an international approach to support Danish Companies in several European markets through one single entry point. 
Read more about the global approach here

German wind market opportunities
One of the most obvious particularities of the German market is the high fragmentation and complexity of the market. The 30.000 wind turbines in Germany are owned, operated and serviced by a large number of small and mid-sized companies as well as internationally well-renowned companies within O&M and world leading OEMs. This makes it very interesting to act in the diversified German market, because each potential customer is different.

The onshore market is growing slowly, but the offshore target has been increased. In 2019, on- and offshore installations reached about 61 gigawatts (GW) - an increase of almost 2 GW compared to 2018. While the onshore market is currently growing rather slowly, the offshore target has been increased. The government has adopted an amendment to its offshore wind law that sets new expansion targets of 20 GW capacity by 2030 and 40 GW by 2040.

On the other hand, long permitting processes result in small numbers of consented projects. Because of the relatively low numbers of new turbines, companies are more and more looking into optimization of existing turbines. Increasing efficiency in O&M, upgrades allowing for higher energy output, retrofits improving the longevity of components and finally lifetime extension are important developments in the onshore market.

From Denmark and Germany, companies follow the demand into international markets. Experience and close cooperation facilitate future cooperation around the globe. As Danish companies were and still are pioneers in the now global industry, they gained significant experience, not least in the operation and maintenance of turbines. This led to a variety of companies active in wind energy and - as a result - to a large number of innovative products and solutions, which today can be applied in Germany and beyond to increase the efficiency and longevity of wind turbines.