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The Trade Council Communication and PR

The communications team at The Trade Council in Germany, Austria and Switzerland works strategically to create awareness of Danish solutions, projects and export alliances. The aim is to create media coverage of events and case stories to inspiration and aspiration for industry peers.

The team focuses on building and maintaining a network of specialized journalists and media within in particular, but not limited to, the sectors Energy and Environment, Food and Agriculture, Health and TECH, and to communicate the Danish strongholds within these.

A part from targeted press tours to Denmark, media is invited to take part in the activities in The Trade Council, as delegation trips with other stakeholders from the industries, seminars or workshops. 

In close coordination with the embassy’s department of culture, communication and public diplomacy, we work increasingly with media partnerships in alliances, to provide exclusive content about relevant themes and challenges within the sectors, and increase knowledge exchange, innovation and development in Denmark as well as Germany.  

The team additionally coordinates the Social Media channels of The Trade Council in DACH, as well as content for, and cooperation with The Trade Council at the foreign ministry in Copenhagen.

We are always open for dialogue, so get in touch, if you are interested in learning more about Danish cases, or if you have a success story to share.