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The German software and ITC market is the single largest in Europe. Despite the size, Germany has an increasing demand for new digital solutions – creating a very interesting market potential for high-performing Danish IT companies. The Trade Council’s TECH-team advises Danish companies to a strategic approach to the German software sector. 
The German government has made digitalization a major priority, as it has become more and more visible how Germany in some areas are falling behind, challenging their competiveness. This means big investments in a variety of subareas including digital infrastructure, digital economy, digital workplaces, innovative public administration, education, research, media, security, etc.  

The Danish TECH solutions are amongst the most developed in the World, both in the public and private sector. Germany is already looking to Denmark for innovative solution and technologies such as IoT, Robotics, VI, EdTECH, Industry 4.0, Big/Smart Data, KI, 5G etc. The geographical location and the market demand make Germany a very attractive market - especially within the TECH-segment. This creates great export opportunities for Danish IT start-ups as well as established companies on the German software market. 

The Trade Council’s TECH-advisors aim to create commercial opportunities for Danish TECH companies that offer solutions for the “Digital Transformation”, no matter the industry, sector or segment. The advisors have an extensive experience, in-depth knowledge of the German market - legally and commercially - and can assist you with the necessary expertise through tailor-made advisory, developed based on your business’ needs. The advisors have a wide network of contacts across the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) – from public institutions to NGO’s and private companies. 

If you would like to know more about your company’s potential in the German market, please reach out to our advisors in the TECH-team.

In addition, the TECH-team have two focus areas at the moment: Public Digitalization/GovTech and Educational Technologies. Read more about these in the side menu to the left.