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Public Digitalization – GovTech

Public digitization is on the top of the political agenda in Germany. While a digital transformation is well underway in the private sector, there is a clear recognition that the public sector is lagging behind and needs to catch up if the German economy is to remain competitive. As one of the most digitalized countries in the world, Denmark has a lot to offer – and the Germans are very aware of this.  
The German Coalition Agreement shows a strong focus on digitization, aiming for a nationwide expansion of gigabit infrastructure as well as provision of digital public services. In order to speed up the public digitization, several government-initiated activities have been introduced. Germany has e.g. made a change in their constitution that allows a federal digital portal. The ambition is to make approximately 575 online public services available on this portal before 2022. To boost and speed up the development, some states have appointed their own Digitalization Minister. The political goodwill in terms of digitalization offers a very interesting market potential for high-performing Danish companies providing digital solutions to the public sector. 

Danish GovTech companies have already managed to break through and establish themselves in Germany – read more about their way to the German market here: https://www.digitales-daenemark.de/

Are you interested in exporting technologies to the German market? The Trade Council advisors are specialized in promoting Danish solutions for the public sector. They know the market and the relevant stakeholders, and can help you identify your market opportunities, and guide you on how to approach the market in a strategic way.