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Educational Technology

Digitalization of the educational system in Germany is a great political priority - on federal as well as on state level. The Covid-19-pandemic has stressed the urgent need to develop the German educational system. This means major investments into more contemporary ways of educating, making the German market particularly attractive for Danish suppliers of learning technologies.  

Digitalization at all levels of education is considered essential to future-proof the German society and economy, also in order to prepare the younger generations for the digital job market. The corona crisis has accelerated the digital agenda in the German educational sector, including digital pedagogy, digital infrastructure, digitalization and technical equipment. 

Under the common strategic headline Educational Push for the Digital Knowledge Society, Germany has been running prototype projects in several schools to test digital solutions, and are now ready to accelerate the implementation phase. The pandemic has also shown how the future includes a more hybrid school system connecting the classical classroom teaching to virtual learning opportunities and alternatives. Here, Danish suppliers have a lot to offer the German market.         

The location and the size of Germany, with 80 mio. inhabitants and almost 3,5 mio. companies, makes the German market attractive for Danish companies, that to expand and explore other markets. However, the size also represents challenges such as decentralized decision-making at the state levels. Germany’s 16 different states e.g. means 16 different educational systems, which can make it difficult to navigate in the market.

The Trade Council’s advisors are specialized in the structure of the German educational system. They have a large network of strategic partners, and know about the demands, trends and challenges. 

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