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The German health care system is very complex and follows a different logic than the Danish system in terms of structure, stakeholder layers and financial incentives. Thus, it is crucial to understand this logic and the special dynamics of the German system in order to be able to identify the right market segments, revenue streams and access to these. This is where the Trade Council’s Health Team can support you with insight knowledge, access to a broad network and many years of experience.

The main characteristic of the German healthcare system is the so-called “Selbstverwaltung” (self-government), consisting of representatives of the statutory health funds, doctors, patients and hospitals. These stakeholders jointly define the content and conditions of medical care in Germany.

Digitalisation of the German Health Care System has literally been a headache over the last many years. But eventually there is a strong commitment to transformation: Electronic patient records, e-prescriptions and medication records will successively be implemented from 2021. As a new initiative, doctors are enabled to prescribe digital health applications, reimbursed by the insurance funds. The Trade Council follows the development of this brand new market segment for you.

Furthermore, we put strong focus on hospital and elder care – two areas under dynamic change and with solid market opportunities for Danish products and solutions.

The Trade Council’s Health Team is located in Berlin and Munich for local and national coverage. We look forward to discussing your ideas and solutions for the German health care market.