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Market Entry Team


Jan-Lewe Woldt
Commercial Advisor – Market Entry
+493050502136 // [email protected]

As part of the Market Entry Team, Jan-Lewe is mainly using his expertise within international trade to support Danish firms with their go-to-market strategy. The commercial understanding Jan-Lewe acquired in the past, is used to analyse complex market structures and align these with the respective company to operationalize a successful establishment in Germany. Through more clustering, larger projects and trend monitoring, Jan-Lewe aspires to identify and exploit the most potential market niches for Danish firms in Germany. 

Internationalization, Business development, Market research, Stakeholder management, Supply chain management

Master of Science Degree (MSc) in Economics and Business Administration – International Business, Aarhus University

Bachelor of Science Degree (BSc) in International Economics and Business Relations, University of Southern Denmark