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Defence Industry

The Danish defence is a trusted and highly valued partner to Germany, on the political as well as on military operational level. In this regard, collaboration between the Danish defence industry and the German defence industry is an important catalyst for the continued partnership as well as development of efficient defences.

Although Germany has a large and strong-developed defence industry with big international companies, Danish companies within the Defence field can successfully supply innovative and quality assured solutions and products. Furthermore, there is a strong interest from the German side to collaborate with Danish companies on industrial development and innovative solutions for the future defence – not only on national levels but especially also on a NATO and European level.

The advisors possess a wide range of contacts from the German defence industry as well as from the political sphere and are in constant contact with actors from industry organisations, German defence institutions and ministries. We would be pleased to help establishing the groundwork for entering the German Defense market as well as connecting your company to possible partners within the industry.

In addition, our advisors also offer a deep understanding of procurement processes and regulations concerning the German defence.

We would hold a dialogue about market opportunities for your company and additionally offer strong assistance and participation in creating a solid market entry strategy. Before that, you are very welcome to reach out for a no-obligation telephone or personal meeting.

The defence industry advisors are located at the Danish Embassy in Berlin.