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Dänisch-Deutsche Krankenhausallianz

The Strategic Business Alliance within the hospital industry as a comprehensive approach to the German market.

DDKA was launched in September 2021 to create a platform for a Danish-German exchange of knowledge within the hospital sector. Especially within the areas of digitization, innovation and processes, and the implementation hereof, as well as new business models. 

The German and Danish health systems differs in various ways, among others in terms of, how they are financed and to which degree the systems are centralized. The alliance institutes dialogue with experts from both markets, an exchange of market players’ experience and key discussions, how to overcome challenges in the respective countries. 

Further, the Danish health system is seen as a role model, in particular with the high degree of digitalization, the use of AI and the general process management. 

Through the alliance German stakeholders get an insight in the transformation of the Danish health sector, as well as how the Danish alliance members’ solutions have been instrumental in this. Hereby, also give the opportunity to investigate, how the Danish solution can be adapted and exported to a German context.

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