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Waste and Recycling Advisory

The Waste & Recycling Advisory (WRA) supports Danish companies to enter the German market or to expand its current activities within the German public waste industry.

The WRA Team interacts with the German public sector regarding experiences, opportunities and challenges in the areas of waste management, recycling and street-cleaning. We continuously keep ourselves updated on new projects and possibilities for Danish solutions and maintain our network of key actors within public technical operations.

In Germany there is a strong focus on waste management and waste sorting. Especially regarding bio waste, which is of high quality, they are a role model for a lot of countries. The waste industry and its regulations are changing continuously, which is calling for ongoing changes and innovation. Especially in regards to environmentally friendly and innovative solutions like new ways of waste collection and route optimization the German municipalities search for inspiration and solutions from their northern neighbour countries.

The WRA Team corporates with and advises Danish companies on a one-to-one basis or in alliances of companies with complementary solutions. WRA partners with local communities, utilities, authorities and stakeholders to get a foothold on new opportunities and to develop pilot projects, that can serve as demonstration for the strong Danish technologies and solutions.