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Danish Biogas Alliance

The Danish Biogas Alliance is a platform of exchange between Danish biogas companies and German biogas stakeholders. Our focus areas are amongst others production biomethane, change of feedstocks, odor treatment and treatment of digestate. We continuously keep ourselves updated on new projects and possibilities for Danish solutions and develop our network of key actors whiting the German biogas sector. 

Projects include delegation trips to biogas plants in Denmark and Germany, presentation of Danish experiences on site, financing of pilot projects and feasibility studies. 

The German biogas market is one of the biggest and its regulations are changing continuously, which is calling for modernisation of existing plants. Especially in regards to energy crops and upgrading, there are many challenges and potentials. 

Why Danish? Denmark is a leader in the production of biomethane: currently over 30% of the total gas consumption is from biogas plants, with a target of 100% green gases in 2030. This is development is possible as large industrial plants are built. Also, the feedstock needs to be sustainable, such as manure, slurry and residues from agriculture, organic waste, and the usage of energy crops is very limited. 

With the Danish expertise in sourcing different organic waste productions for gas production, as well as focus on upgrading, the two countries can benefit greatly from increased corporations and technology exchange.