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With a new initiative, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and The Trade Council attach importance to online exports of Danish products. The newly created E-Commerce team advises Danish companies on strategic online exports.

In order to ensure that Danish companies have access to the German online market, The Trade Council in Germany has hired an e-commerce expert.
Sascha Domula has worked for the e-commerce giant Amazon, and from there has extensive experience advising companies to succeed in online marketplaces.
Globally, four e-commerce experts work across markets to create opportunities in large, global marketplaces, with insights, contacts and knowledge.

In Germany, we are also using local knowledge to advice on the best strategy for your company.

In addition, we provide advice on guidelines for market-specific packaging rules, product requirements and quality labelling.

We would like to have a closer dialogue on how we can advise and assist you. Please contact the team, if you want to hear more.