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Digital Sales

With a new initiative, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Trade Council attach importance to online exports of Danish products and services. The newly established Digital Sales team advises Danish companies on strategic online exports.

In Germany, the potential of digital sales is boasting with a 7.4% share of total revenues coming from e-commerce companies in 2019. And the pandemic has had a huge impact on the willingness of companies to digitize their sales funnels. We can help your company adjust its digital strategy to the high expectations of a German consumer. In the B2B sector, the unrealized potential of digital sales is equally assumed to be large – among other developments, various digital b2b platforms are emerging that offer specialized assistance to the complex process of B2B sales. 

In order to ensure that Danish companies have the right tools and guidance to enter the German digital sales market, the Trade Council has has hired two different profiles to address the need for increasingly digital sales channels. Jeppe Andersen has worked in startups and as a freelance consultant to companies, helping them launch, market and sell their products successfully online. Mette Louise Schmidt has worked with software design and B2B account management, ensuring customer success and retention during digital transformations of work processes.

Globally, 17 experts will be working with Digital Sales, strengthening knowledge across markets and sharing experiences in order to create a global network in which successful endeavors into digital sales can be replicated and optimised to local markets. Additionally, we  provide advice on guidelines for market-specific rules and regulations. 
If you and your company are contemplating a venture into German digital sales, please contact the team and we will assist you in planning and executing a succesful digital market entry. We look forward to hearing from you.