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Press Release: Strong Wastewater alliance heading towards Germany

03.06.2020  11:12

A newly started wastewater alliance focusing on Germany does not only have a common goal of increasing exports to the local market, but also share an intention to contribute to a more sustaina-ble future in the development and optimization of wastewater treatment plants.

With successful business alliances around the world organized by The Trade Council (TC) of Denmark within The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, TC has once again formed a strong group that forms the Wastewater Technology Alliance (WTA); this time focusing on one of Denmark’s largest and most important export market, Germany. In collaboration with Aarhus Vand, TC-DACH has now a major focus on the wastewater sector in Germany – and with the UN’s 17 world goals in mind, a special focus will be placed on energy optimization within this area. The Foreign Minister of Denmark, Jeppe Kofod, stated in February that Denmark must inspire green initiatives through Danish solutions, all this through the select-ed Danish representations, including the Danish em-bassy in Berlin.
Energy efficiency is one of the focus areas in which Germany wants to invest more. Jan Petersen, Senior Technical Advisor and wastewater expert at TC-DACH, explains that despite a modernization of the treatment plants in Germany, it has been proved that it is still possible to improve their energy efficiency by at least 20 percent. Therefore, a great potential for Danish solutions can be found in this market.

As part of WTA are the companies Landia A/S, Stjernholm A/S, LiqTech A/S, AL-2 Teknik A/S, samt LSM-Pumper ApS. All five companies are experienced export companies, who can contribute to good cooperation in this strategic business alliance. Each company has its unique solutions that improve the processes at a treatment plant, which leads to an energy reduction and, thus, a better operation on daily basis. 

The overall purpose of the strategic business alliance, WTA, is to create sales opportunities by contacting key stakeholders in the market, as well as exchanging experiences between the Danish and the German wastewater sectors. TC-DACH sees a major benefit from a strategic business alliance as it creates increased exposure and brand awareness for alliance members in the German market through an in-creased local presence. The ultimate goal is to bring the participating companies closer to the German players. This is achieved through active identification and analysis of potential German stakeholders as well as presentation of the professional solutions of Landia A/S, Stjernholm A/S, LiqTech A/S, AL-2 Teknik A/S, samt LSM-Pumper ApS.

As a result of COVID-19, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including The Trade Council, has reached out to the Danish export companies through a new export and investment package. This includes a significant reduction in the price of TC’s advisory, as well as a stronger effort to attract and retain foreign investments.

COVID-19 has also left its mark at the German wastewater treatment plants, which have been closed down for a period of time for a large number of employees and, therefore, also for visitors. However, they have started to reopen carefully, after which it is possible for among others, TC-DACH, to rerecord contact and visits to these. For the WTA-project to be able to reach the German wastewater treatment plants again, can help make a difference in the approach to the further work towards the marketing of the Danish wastewater solutions.

Contact the WTA-Team for more information.