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The German software market, which is the largest in Europe, primarily consists of small and medium-sized enterprises. These companies dominate Germany’s economic and industrial landscape, and at the same time they have increasing demands for new software solutions – this creates a huge export opportunities for Danish TECH companies. 

Germany is Denmark’s closest trade partner and especially within the TECH segment, Germany is looking for Danish innovative solution within different technologies e.g. IoT, GovTech, Robotics, Edtech, Industry 4.0 and more. 

Public digitization is top of the agenda in Germany. While a digital transformation is well underway in the private sector, there is a clear recognition that the public sector is lagging behind and needs to catch up if the German economy is to remain competitive. The Coalition Agreement of the German government has a strong focus on digitization aiming at nationwide expansion of gigabit infrastructure as well as provision of digital public services. As a result, Germany has introduced several government-initiated activities, in order to speed up the public digitization e.g. Germany passed a change in the constitution that allows for a federal digital portal. The ambition is to make approx. 575 online public services available on the portal before 2022. Furthermore, some states have started to appoint its own Digitalization minister in order to boost the development. This provides a very interesting market potential for high-performing Danish companies providing digital solutions to the public sector. Some Danish GovTech companies have already managed to break through and establish themselves in Germany – read more about the Danish digitalization journey here: https://www.digitales-daenemark.de/

Digitization of Germany’s educational system is another huge priority with the purpose of preparing younger generations for the digital job market. Digitization at all levels of education is essential, including digital pedagogy, digital infrastructure and technical equipment. Under the common strategic headline “educational push for the digital knowledge society” Germany has been running prototype projects in several schools to test digital solutions and are now ready to accelerate the implementation phase. 

The TECH-team of The Trade Council consists of advisors with extensive experience within export promotion. The team draws on a wide network of contacts across the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) – from public institutions to NGO’s and private companies. 

The advisors have in-depth knowledge of the German market, legally as well as commercially, and are ready to assist you with the necessary expertise through tailor-made advisory, developed based on your business needs. 

If you would like to know more about your company’s potential in the German market, please reach out to our TECH-team