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Sana Hospital Procurement Project

The third largest German private hospital group – Sana Kliniken AG – is opening the door for Danish health companies and their hospital solutions

Participate in Sana Hospital procurement project

The Trade Council Germany is in agreement with the private hospital group Sana Kliniken AG, looking for Danish hospital solutions within 5 overall areas. You have the possibility to present your product or service with the overall objective to market it and/or arrange a pilot project with Sana Kliniken AG.

By submitting the company form your company has the unique opportunity to get access to a direct sales channel into the German healthcare market. After we received your completed company form, we will go in dialogue with Sana, who is going to select the solutions and products that they find interesting.

What is Sana Kliniken AG looking for?

The following five categories are selected by Sana as priority areas:

  • Sanitation / Hygiene
  • Digitalisation
  • Process / Automatization
  • Lab-Diagnostics
  • Construction / Interior equipment

The deadline for submitting the company form is Nov 30th. We will get back to all companies that have been selected, for a more thorough presentation no later than mid-January.

About Sana Kliniken AG

As the third largest private hospital group in Germany, Sana Kliniken AG is operating 58 hospitals and 44 medical care centers in 54 cities and regions all over Germany. More than 2.2 million patients are treated here each year. Sana Kliniken AG is a modern health care provider, who expands, anticipates new developments and sees digitalization as a competitive advantage. Accordingly, the hospital group is open to cooperation’s with companies in order to improve business result by improving the medical care for patients and the work of their nurses and doctors.

Conditions for participation

Initial interests from Sana Group will be a Trade Council “Free of charge service”.
The dialogue following, the market visit or virtual presentation costs are: 10 hours of service pr. company; 5000 DKK and 2500 DKK for SME’s.

To be taking into consideration please complete the company form in the correct way and in English. For questions or unclarities please do dont hesitate to contact us under the following contact information:

Christina Mayer, Commercial Advisor Health, Email: chrmay@um.dk, Phone: +49 89 54 58 54 10
Jan Lewe Woldt, Trainee, Email: janwol@um.dk, Phone: +49 30 50 50 2113

We expect to be able to assist several companies achieving a commercial breakthrough with Sana Kliniken AG.

Company Profile

Please fill out and submit this company form no later than November 30th