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Global Wind Energy Advisory Group

WEA helps Danish companies entering the German market with its commercial advisors who are specialists in the industry and together have almost about three decades of experience. 

This, combined with our extensive network allows us to connect Danish companies to potential customers in Germany, to promote their solutions and products and to increase the visibility and strengthen their branding in one of the main wind energy markets worldwide. Each company is different, so we adjust our approach to the individual case.

Furthermore, the Wind Energy Advisory in Hamburg is working together with colleagues internationally to open doors for Danish companies in further relevant markets. In the context of this international approach, companies get support in different markets through one single entry point.

This allows for the combination of knowledge of local business culture, language, and network with the specialised background and international network of the wind energy advisors in Hamburg. Reduced coordination efforts for the customer leads to fewer resources to invest for more impact. The Trade Council have offices all over the world, which is an advantage if your company aims for rapid internationalisation. The WEA team is therefore the perfect partner if your company aims to enter foreign markets with Germany as entry point. Meet the team here

The global Wind Energy Advisory group assists Danish on- and offshore wind companies and manufacturers with strategic analysis, planning, business development, sales and corporate establishment internationally. With advisories in Brazil, North America, China and Taiwan, India and Germany, the Global Wind Energy Advisory Group covers the major wind energy markets worldwide.