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Strategic Business Alliance as a comprehensive approach to the German O&M market

PP Techniq A/S offers state of the art blade access platforms, which are safe, flexible and easy to operate. As part of an alliance targeting the German O&M market with focus on wind turbine blades, the Wind Energy Advisory in Hamburg supported PP Techniq to get in touch with future customers.

Due to the nature of the product, the large platforms cannot easily be brought to Germany for potential customers to see and test them in action. Hence, the regular approach of WEA to create initial contact to customers, present the Danish solution, create interest and finally arrange for a meeting at the customers facilities needed to be adjusted.

As a result, WEA first initiated contact to service companies and presented the unique advantages of PP Techniq’s products. In a second step, visits at PP Techniq’s facilities in Vojens were arranged for interested German companies. In the test centre of PP Techniq, service technicians, instructors and business developers had the opportunity to get their own idea of how the platform works and how easy it is to handle.

In addition to this twofold approach, the Wind Energy Advisory identified opportunities for PP Techniq to present themselves at trade fairs and to use conference sessions to present their solutions to a very targeted audience. The combination of these steps created a comprehensive support for PP Techniq that took into account the characteristics of the company, its products and its resources to approach the German market.

PP Techniq quote: “We are very happy with the support from WEA Hamburg. They created several leads and brought interested companies to our facilities in Vojens where we could show the benefits and unique advantages of our platforms to service technicians and business developers. This comprehensive approach ensures our presence and visibility in Germany without having a local unit there.” (Jesper Juhl Olesen, CEO, PP Techniq)