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Water Technology Advisory

Wastewater Treatment: Germany has one of the highest wastewater reprocessing and recycling rates in Europe (> 96 % of wastewater from private households and public facilities). While Denmark treats nearly the same ratio, it often does so to a higher standard than required, due to innovative and unique Danish solutions.

Groundwater Management: Germany has a very high degree of groundwater in public water supply (in several regions about 80 to 100%).  But many of the aquafers are in bad condition due to nitrate pollution. Denmark has extensive experience in groundwater protection; both in terms of intelligent regulation and cutting edge technologies.

Sewer Systems: The majority of the German sewer system (total about 540,000 Km) is publicly owned and maintained. As one third is more than 50 years old, a big focus is on retrofitting. The leakage level in the Danish water infrastructure is among the lowest worldwide (average loss <10%), due to strong technologies and large experience in production and maintenance of sewage systems.

The Water Technology Advisory (WTA) in DACH covers the water sector in Germany to assist Danish companies entering or increasing their existing activities in this market. WTA focuses on groundwater management, wastewater treatment, and sewer systems as well as on potentials to optimize environmental impacts and use of energy within these areas. With our specialized advisors and valuable services, we guide you through the local market. 

In order to assist Danish companies in the German market, WTA gathers information on the developments in the market, make onsite visits in order to identify relevant stakeholders, follow-up on Danish opportunities in Germany and can be used as a strategic partner. Additionally, WTA can help you customize a business plan, and offer alliance and incubator opportunities.