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Sustainable Industries Advisory - FOOD

Energy efficiency initiatives are easily measurable, relatively cheap and generate favourable ROI. Energy efficiency products contribute to a higher degree of consistency and safety in the production and at the same time to less downtime and interruptions.

Our first platform project, SIA Food, focuses on the enormous German food industry that has an energy consumption more than 15 times bigger than the Danish food industry. We have designed the platform to facilitate long-lasting relations with German public and private stakeholders within the sectors of dairy and beverage because of the great knowledge Danish companies possess in this field.

SIA cooperates with local stakeholders, authorities and various industry associations to create and develop pilot projects that can inspire the entire sector. Danish companies can show their products to German stakeholders at our technical workshops that will take place continuously throughout the year.

SIA’s structure generates synergies and eliminates the possible competition between participating companies. The unique thing about the SIA platform is that it accommodates both giant companies and SMEs.

If you would like to know more about the platform, please reach out to our SIA team.