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Sustainable Industries Advisory

The industry is in a fundamental transition. Companies must remain competitive and at the same time rethink their use of energy. In Denmark, a new climate legislation states that in 2030 the country should have decreased its CO2-emmisions by 70%. 

Already for many years, Danish companies have been testing innovative energy efficiency projects. Many results allow industries in other markets to benefit from these experiences. 

The Sustainable Industries Advisory - SIA - is a partnership between the Danish Trade Council, Danish Energy Agency, Danish Universities and parts of the Danish industry. Its objective is a platform for the collaboration and knowledge sharing between Denmark and Germany in the sector innovation and energy efficiency in the industry.  

SIA works together with local stakeholders, authorities and various industry associations to create and develop pilot projects that can inspire the whole sector. These pilot projects will create the base for the SIA platform, where Danish companies can show German stakeholders their products at our technical workshops.  The technical workshops will be held continuously throughout the year.