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Ammonia Business Alliance

Solutions to combat nitrogen pollution in the agricultural sector

The Trade Council in Germany is initiating a new Strategic Business Alliance (SBA) for Danish companies, which offer solutions to combat nitrogen pollution in the agricultural sector. The alliance will include both companies offering technologies to address nitrate pollution of the ground water as well as companies that offer technologies to help diminish ammonia pollution. There is a great interest in Danish knowhow and technologies within the sector, as Denmark over a number of years has managed to handle pollution from agriculture with a high efficiency. Currently Germany is forced to look for new solutions due to failing compliance with its obligations under EU law (the Nitrates Directive) as well as the need to introduce new measures to reduce ammonia. In the context of the National Emission Ceilings Directive Germany has agreed to the rather ambitious goal of reducing ammonia with 29 % by 2030.
If you want to know more or are interested in being a part of the alliance please contact senior advisor Stig Aagaard at the embassy in Berlin: stiaag@um.dk.

Colourbox / Eduard Zayonchkovski