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Meet the EGP-Team


Christian Bjerrum Jørgensen
Sector Expert – District Energy Advisory
Embassy of Denmark in Berlin
+49 30 50 50 21 03 //chrjor@um.dk

Christian is an sector expert for district heating and energy efficiency.
He has great experience in project management. He has been working with funding and financing green projects. Christian´s task is to strengthen the energygovernance partnership between Germany and Denmark and lead the project development within the partnership.
He is motivated by making a deference in the green transition towards a CO2 neutral energy system.


Energy & Environment
District Heating, Project Management


Bachelor of Technology Management and Marine Engineering
SCRUM Master



Simona Cita Rens
Energy Political Advisor
Embassy of Denmark in Berlin
+49 30 5050 2106 // simren@um.dk

Simona Rens is working as an advisor in an energy governance project to strengthen the dialogue and the network of Danish stakeholders from private and public
institutions with their German counterparts. Simona is responsible for facilitating dialogue between German and Danish stakeholders and highlighting Danish
experiences and solutions. With several years of experience Simona has acquired a deep understanding of the German energy market and Danish development trends. Her biggest strengths are energy efficiency and district heating.

Energy & Environment
Energy Policy and Governance, Public Affairs and Government Relations, Public Relations, Strategy, Project Management
M.Sc. Environment, Politics and Globalization, King‘s College London
B.Sc. Geography, Humboldt-
University of Berlin