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Energy Governance Partnership

The Energy Governance Partnership (EGP) is a programme by the Danish government to enhance cooperation with Germany in the field of energy. The aim of the collaboration is to build a valuable partnership between German and Danish authorities in order to share experiences from the green transition and learn from each other. The cooperation can be on national and state level in Germany. The areas for cooperation are related to the German Energiewende and the Danish green energy transition. The cooperation focuses on energy efficiency and district heating. 

Cooperation partners on the Danish side are the Danish Energy Agency (DEA) and the Trade Council Berlin. The Agency is a part of the Ministry for Climate, Energy and Supply and therefore involved in national regulation of the Danish energy sector. The Trade Council at the Danish Embassy in Berlin represents the Danish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. DEA and the Trade Council coordinate the bilateral activities. 

Denmark has bilateral government partnerships with 15 partner countries. The partnerships help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions globally and open markets for Danish energy technology. Overview about the Danish Energy Governance Programme – Global Rådgivning.