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SME Masterclass - District Energy

Are you interested in supplying the German district energy sector, but do not have a go-to-market strategy yet? Is your product further down the supply chain, then we might have the right opportunity for you to get a footing on the German market.

The Trade Council of Denmark in Germany is intensifying the focus on commercial opportunities for SME companies within district heating in Germany. Therefore, we are kicking off a new Masterclass initiative for small and medium-sized enterprises in the spring of 2021.

With this initiative, the Trade Council offers commercial expertise, local market knowledge, network, and mentorship to SMEs with support and mentorship of experienced peers with years of success on the German market.

We are planning an intro meeting (physically) for the beginning of April. If corona doesn’t allow this, we will make a virtual arrangement.

As part of the Masterclass, our mentors will discuss and analyse your go-to-market strategies in one-to-one sessions. Beside that, you will get 2 sessions with our advisory board of industry suppliers, district energy consultants, municipal utilities, and construction companies. They will help develop a strategy suited for entering the German district energy market. The second part of Masterclass will be focusing on executing the strategy by visiting end-users and potential customers, partners, and suppliers.

SME Masterclass will keep members updated on how trends and structures are moving on the largest market for district energy in Europe.

Deadline for signing up is February 5th and the Masterclass starts on April 1st. 

Participation fee for 2021 entails DKK 18.000. Travel cost is not included.

For more information, please contact Lars Hummelmose (lh@dbdh.dk) or Jakob Andersen (jakoan@um.dk)

The Masterclass is organized in collaboration with Danish Board of District Heating and partly funded by Danish Energy Agency.