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Danish Minister for Environment and Food mobilize international stakeholders to secure better food for more people

02.03.2018  15:45
On 2nd of March the Danish Minister for Environment and Food will meet with the Global Strategic Partnership for World Food Summit.
The network will discuss a strategy on how to achieve support from decision makers and stakeholders from all over the world to take action towards securing better food for more people. The network consists of leaders from politics, business, gastronomy, academia and civil society. They have been selected to ensure engagement of countries, megacities, companies and organizations all over the world to address the food challenges of global relevance.
The Danish Minister for Environment and Food will from 30-31 August host the third World Food Summit – Better Food for More People in Copenhagen.
-The World Food Summit – Better Food for More People is a platform for actions to evolve and take place. The Summit is about getting governments, the private sector and civil society to re-think the food system, and act together to mobilize and empower the 7,6 billion individuals around the world to take control and transform our world, says Esben Lunde Larsen, Danish Minister for Environment and Food.
Further information:
Head of Department Marie Louise Flach de Neergaard, +45 6198 8414, e-mail: mlfn@mfvm.dk   
Press Secretary Ming Ou Lü, +45 2077 0459, e-mail: minol@mfvm.dk 
Members of the board in World Food Summit – Global Strategic Partnership
• Esben Lunde Larsen, Minister for Environment and Food of Denmark
• Toine Timmermans, Program Manager Circular Economy in Food, Wageningen University & Research Center
• Henrik Wegener, Rector, Copenhagen University
• Hildreth England, Assistant Director, MIT Open Lab
• Carolyn Steel, Architect and Author
• Selina Juul, Founder of Stop Wasting Food Movement Denmark
• Craig Hanson, Global Director of Food, Forests and Water, World Resources Institute
• Karen Hækkerup, CEO, Danish Agriculture and Food Council
• Mella Frewen, Director General, FoodDrinkEurope
• Michiel Kernkamp, CEO, Nestlé Nordic
• Michael La Cour, Managing Director, Ikea Food
• Kim Rahbek, CEO and Founder, Sticks´n´Sushi
• Margarita Forés, Chef
• Christopher Koetke, Chairman of the Feed the Planet Committee for World Chefs
• Lise Kingo, CEO, UN Global Compact
• Peter Kreiner, CEO, Noma Restaurant, Denmark