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Urban Development: German - Danish City Dialogue

26.04.2018  16:23

On May 2nd 2018, Danish Cleantech Hub will host a seminar for invited German and Danish guests. The main purpose of the event is to discuss how Danish cities can contribute to sustainable and innovative urban solutions in German cities – and vice versa. Several of the most interesting city projects from Denmark will be presented. Representatives from the City of Copenhagen, the City of Aarhus, and local stakeholders from Munich will present ideas about long-term visions and ongoing initiatives.

See the invitation and details here.

Visions for Urban Development in Munich, Alexander Lang, Landeshauptstadt München

Copenhagen 2025: First carbon neutral capital in 2025, Lykke Leonardsen, City of Copenhagen

Strategic Sustainable Planning in Aarhus, Henrik Müller, City of Aarhus

Strategic Planning in praxis when operating in public private partnerships
, Neel Strøbæk, Rambøll

Read about reactions and experiences from the
seminar here (Danish)